Blue is both a strong yet soft colour that we often have a good time with. The blue-ness in skincare products might be more natural than we have thought it to be. There has been a trend applying blue botanicals in, its calming and anti-inflammatory power is said to be enormous – imagine how soothing it is to be thrown in a pool of cold water, it’s of much joy if you are in a humid, sub-tropical area like I do.

I have recently been attracted to green beauty products as a more sustainable alternative to my skincare routine. To be honest, it is not easy to find something ‘hydrating’ without a risk of breaking my skin out. I have fair Asian skin that is dry from within while it could get oily – more commonly known as combination skin type. I often wonder if there is a win-win situation where my skin could go acne-free, moisturised while I am not seeking the aid of gel-like products.

The Sinatra Blue Face Serum from Pollen and Wax is my new addiction that I have decided to go for a full-size product when the online shop re-opens in mid-July. I came across this hearty organic brand while looking through various information available on the internet, and I can’t help getting curious about this lightweight oil that wouldn’t worsen my acne-proned skin, and my curiosity is endorsed by the positive comments made to this particular serum. It’s a cocktail of blue flowers extracts, including blue yarrow, blue tansy and blue chamomile.

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It has been a while since the last post I have made – I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and had secluded myself with limited internet access – a place where I had no access to certain websites while I had not been more peaceful.

Perfumes often get along with one’s persona, season and surroundings. There were memories that I would like to hold onto even my seclusive trip have come to an end – the clear water, the mountainous climate and fruity diet. All three came to a mix of my good memory that lingered in my mind for quite a while. I have rotated these three perfumes with me throughout the trip, they’re all unique in their own ways.

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I always love the perfume and body polish from Diptyque, it makes you feel so loved and its perfume is known for its subtle, soothing scent. As a fan, I did look forward to its launching of a facial skincare range. imagine how sweet it's to experience the high quality ingredients and scent all at once. I was given a full range of samples, that is the five products and had tried on it a few times. I have to be honest that it may not be the strength of Diptyque when it comes to moisturising, its scent is unbeatable though. I therefore focus on the 'cleansing' with its three products: the Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Radiance Boosting Powder and Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay. Read More