The Blue Power

Blue is both a strong yet soft colour that we often have a good time with. The blue-ness in skincare products might be more natural than we have thought it to be. There has been a trend applying blue botanicals in, its calming and anti-inflammatory power is said to be enormous – imagine how soothing it is to be thrown in a pool of cold water, it’s of much joy if you are in a humid, sub-tropical area like I do.

I have recently been attracted to green beauty products as a more sustainable alternative to my skincare routine. To be honest, it is not easy to find something ‘hydrating’ without a risk of breaking my skin out. I have fair Asian skin that is dry from within while it could get oily – more commonly known as combination skin type. I often wonder if there is a win-win situation where my skin could go acne-free, moisturised while I am not seeking the aid of gel-like products.

The Sinatra Blue Face Serum from Pollen and Wax is my new addiction that I have decided to go for a full-size product when the online shop re-opens in mid-July. I came across this hearty organic brand while looking through various information available on the internet, and I can’t help getting curious about this lightweight oil that wouldn’t worsen my acne-proned skin, and my curiosity is endorsed by the positive comments made to this particular serum. It’s a cocktail of blue flowers extracts, including blue yarrow, blue tansy and blue chamomile.

It’s to my surprise that the serum is more of a golden drop as you are anticipating from regular facial oils. I apply the serum on areas requiring special care, or to wear along the one wholesome drop on my face to put stop to the rash-like symptoms caused by the local weather and thanks to the high humidity, the heat does more bad than good to our skin. The Sinatra Blue Face Serum goes with three sizes: 3.7ml, 7.4ml and 1oz.

For those who are looking for visibly blue products you could try the Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom Skin, I have tried its sample and its balm like texture works better in winter. The Indigo collection of Tatcha goes with three products, the Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment would potentially be a good alternative to the Blue Cocoon with its lighter texture; and for those who are hesitant to make a splurge its Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream would be something good and practical to begin with. Tatcha is available at Joyce Beauty.

Photo by me.

  1. asti said:

    I love this review on the Blue Sinatra oil! I have been itching to get my hands off it but it’s only the shipping postage to Australia that has held me back. But your review has given me a reassurance that the oil might be worth it. Your skin reacts the same way as mine when the humidity is high! I get more rashes/contact dermatitis when that happens. At least it’s nice to see what options I can have for products that can ease off my reactive skin condition.

  2. Sandra said:

    This sounds gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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