Reviewing Diptyque’s L’Art du Soin for the Face

I always love the perfume and body polish from Diptyque, it makes you feel so loved and its perfume is known for its subtle, soothing scent. As a fan, I did look forward to its launching of a facial skincare range. imagine how sweet it’s to experience the high quality ingredients and scent all at once. I was given a full range of samples, that is the five products and had tried on it a few times. I have to be honest that it may not be the strength of Diptyque when it comes to moisturising, its scent is unbeatable though. I therefore focus on the ‘cleansing’ with its three products: the Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Radiance Boosting Powder and Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay. DSC01619 Diptyque’s sample pack goes with an illustrative to-use cards for my delight. What I really like of its line of product is that it seems to take care of various need when it comes to cleansing: the balm is ideal for those who wear considerable sunscreen and makeup products; the powder is ideal for those who wants slight exfoliation; and the clay for those who look for a deep-cleanse without dehydrating your skin. Before the line launches I was hooked by the description on its Radiance Boosting Powder, which it says to have combined with powdered rose, jasmine and neroli petals – I was visualising myself touching my face with numerous, colour-filled petals. How romantic would that sound like!

I have tchecked out the product and have liked its Diptyque kind of scent, then come to realise that the powder is white in colour, as white clay powder is one of its key ingredients apart from its fancy incorporation of flower petals. They are all lovely products and for those who have read entries from A Model Recommends that its Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay is the go-to product within its range. I confess that I may not be splurging money for its full-size product, I love its smell and how wonderful its routine sounds like. I have tried wonderful cleansing products from brands such as Sodashi’s Clay Cleanser and the Honey Mud by May Lindstrom Skin (my two personal favourites) having said that the three brands are on the pricey side.

Also, Diptyque’s facial skincare range is lacking the ‘intensive care’ part which most people would be willing to spend more on – I use face masks, face oil or serum religiously and it’s hard for someone like me to convert my entire range to it. Its moisturiser has to be fairly strong and multi-purpose if so.

Photo by me.

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